I am frequently asked about what kind of equipment I am using or what kind of equipment one should choose. Since I don’t always have the opportunity to give an answer as precise as I would like, I thought a page describing the equipment I am using could be a good idea. However, they are just tools. I always advise not to focus too much on technics, I would even say that it is sometime the most boring part of the adventure. The very best stories, you will tell it with your heart and feeling.

For those speaking french and interested about how to use specific tools for DSLR Filmmaking, please check my 2 hours+ videos tutorials on the subject and for others interested in Landscape photography, check out this video tutorials.

I also want to thank for their kind support my technical partners:

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It is very interesting to have in the field 2 different bodies, first because I am often using two different kind of focal for shooting the same subject and naturally in case of technical issues on one of the body. I am also really keen about the 4K feature of the Canon 1DC.
The 35mm for portrait, the 17-40 for landscape, the 70-300 for close wildlife and landscape, the 100mm for macro/portrait and the 500mm/300mm for distance wildlife. I mainly use the Tamron 24-70 for video, taking advantage of its fixed aperture and its amazing IS.
Those light, easy-to-use and affordable tools are allowing us to create very precise moving shots which have a strong impact in films and storytelling.
Do not neglect this piece of equipment, a good tripod&head can save a lot of images & time. As for the Wimberley Sidekick, it makes the 500 as light as a feather.
Those are the main software I’m using everyday, completed by several plugins.
Laptop are nowadays powerful enough for getting the job done + they allow me to travel with ALL my office on location. At work, I complete this by an external monitor.
Sound is the one thing not to underestimate when shooting videos. I’m usually using the help of people dedicated to this, but when I can not, those tools allow me to get the job done.
A good spotting scope and binoculars are allowing to see the invisible.
This list could be pretty long since I use many different kind of accessories : reflectors, wireless triggers, Gorilla Pod, GoPro…etc.
This is a typical Camera trap setup, to this have to be added tools to stabilize the camera and the flashes, like tripod or Manfrotto Magic arm. To know more, get my ebook!